Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lace, Leather & Love

Well here’s the second installment of Lace, Leather & Love! Leathers always in we don’t need a runway to tell us that. If I could wear leather year round I would! Now leather comes in a variety of garments. My favorite would have to be a black leather jacket. You can never go wrong with them. Dress up or down what ever your heart desires.

Yes they are a little pricey but they are truly a good investment. Once you buy one you’ll never have to buy on again. Unless you like me and you just love to shop!
Who’s wearing leather?
Demi lovato                                                                                            Taylor Momsen 
Even the vampires are wearing leather these days, Although I don’t think they ever really stopped.
Nina Dobrev Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder
 cast of Vampire Diaries
But truthfully I know we not all  Demi or the cast of VD so cant afford $300 jackets. Seeing as how much I love you guys I took the pleasure of finding jackets that are more in our price range.  So right now I’d say  check out Forever21 they have about seven or eight jackets ranging from $29-$40! Wet Seal also has a few.

The Forever21 jackets aren’t leather but they’re Leatherette. Which means it’s artificial leather so think vegan leather! Now you’re animal-friendly and looking trendy while you do it!

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