Friday, August 20, 2010

Lace, Leather & Love

Lace, Leather & Love! Three things a girl needs in her life. Why? You ask...

For starter lace is in this year, it's been on practically every runway for fall. So find a way to get it in to your wardrobe.I'm personally a big fan of lace tops but I wanted to find a new fun way to display it. So after some internet sleuthing I came a cross this. Which I'm seriously loving, it's like nail couture!

Who's wearing it? Celebs like:

Blake Lively & Jennifer Lopez

Now this isn't a new trend but it's one that's holding strong. 

How to do it yourself:
  1. Start with dry, clean nails, and then brush on a coat of a nude polish. (or any color you want really
  2. Attach a thin piece of lace (buy this from fabric stores) or reduce, reuse, recycle scraps from an old slip.
  3. Spray with Glue Dry (available at beauty supply stores) and trim down the lace with a pair of embroidery scissors. 
  4. One  coat of IBD 5-Second Brush-on Gel Resin (available at most beauty supply stores) and you lace manicure is ready to go and will last till your nails grown out or till you soak it in an acetone nail polish remover. To keep your lace mani looking fresh apply Barielle Intensive Nail Renewal Oil around cuticles daily.

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